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We understand that our customers come first...

Perry Brothers Aviation Fuels is committed to meeting your expectations by providing the best service with only clean, high quality fuels at competitive pricing.

Perry Brothers was built around QUALITY, HONESTY, & INTEGRITY.

We understand that our customers come first– Always have, Always will!!

Perry Brothers Aviation Fuels with their FLYING SALES TEAM is proud to be teamed up with Phillips 66 Aviation.

The Phillips 66 Aviation brand stands for quality fuels and is a network of Fixed Base Operations that are dedicated to providing quality services to the flying public.

Pilots can rely on us and our FBO network for fuel and services they can trust to help them get the job done. For over three quarters of a century, we have been making fuel specifically for aviation use which pilots and FBOs have counted on and prospered with.

Phillips 66 Aviation is part of ConocoPhillips – among the largest refiners in the United States. No other supplier has invested more to ensure that their dealers receive the fuel they need. Secure supply – now and in the future – is an important reason to do business with Phillips 66.

FBOs do not run on fuel alone. Today's FBOs are complex businesses that depend on technology, financial data, trained employees and more to compete and win. You need a fuel supplier who understands these needs and delivers FBO support programs that help you gain the competitive edge.

As a Phillips 66 dealer, you will enjoy:

Pre-Blended Jet Fuel – Ensure that the fuel you sell is treated correctly and on specification.

FBO Line Service-Online Training Program

Interactive Training Elements – Train Anytime, Anywhere

Safety and customer service are high on any FBO's priority list. Phillips 66 Aviation Branded FBO's are eligible to participate in the NATA Safety 1st Online training courses at special subsidized rates and are eligible for co-op reimbursement after completion of training.

The NATA Online Training Program features interactive elements to energize your line service training program and motivate your employees. Videos, quizzes, photos, illustrations, and animation add to the learning experience and aid in retention.

Your employees can engage the training anytime and from anywhere. The self-paced training reduces stress by allowing students to personalize the timing of their program. Online training also provides a win-win scenario, as trained line service technicians have increased confidence, motivation, and sense of value as well as greatly improved safety records. FBO management benefits from increased employee retention, productivity, and overall organizational safety. The following NATA Safety 1st online training is available

Credit Card Program and Electronic Point of Sale – Powerful software and systems to get you paid quickly and efficiently and with the lowest fee structure in the industry.

Aviation Refuelers – Lease the quality trucks you need with a comprehensive maintenance program.

Partners-Into-Plane Contract Fuel – Integrity and technology combine to seek incremental business for your FBO.

WingPoints® Rewards Program - Unlike other rewards programs, the WingPoints Rewards Card allows you to reward your customers with things they actually want, and can use right away. They can choose a gift card from our online card mall, where you will find a wide selection of big name retailers and popular restaurants. They can also select a pre-paid debit card acceptable at thousands of locations or even donate your points to charity. The point is, WingPoints gives them more choices and freedom to reward themselves. Just another reason to trust in the wings of Phillips 66® Aviation whenever you fly. For more information, please visit www.wingpoints.com.

Bizlink – An intranet site for Phillips 66 customers so all your account information is always available.

Excess Liability Insurance – Help control your costs and risk exposure by participating in Phillips 66 Excess Liability coverage.

Co-Op Advertising and Support – Get reimbursed for many everyday FBO expenses. Improve your FBO while also controlling costs.

Uniforms –Create a professional look for your staff. It lets pilots know you are ready for business from the minute they enter the ramp.

Signage – Airport signage is a primary navigation tool once an airplane lands! Make sure they taxi to your ramp with a great Phillips 66 lighted sign – a sign of quality.

Advertising and Promotion – Even great products and services need to get the word out. Benefit from Phillips 66 Aviation's national advertising strategy.

So before you choose your fuel supplier, give Perry Brothers Aviation Fuels a call 1-877-753-8584. We're sure you'll be glad you did!

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